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Golden Dog

 “It’s not wanting to win that matters — everyone wants to win.

It’s the will to go out and prepare to win that matters.”

FTCH Drakeshead Casey {Ghillie}

1-COM Walked up Test , 3 ridings Labrador Club 09/07/2017

2-COM Novice Trial Northumberland and Durham Lab Club {Ford & Etal}11/10/2017

3-1st Novice Trial Northwest Labrador Retriever Club {Chatsworth} 02/11/2017

4-2nd Open 1 day Trial Lancs and Mersey Field Trial Society {Wolfenhall} 23/10/2018

5-4th Open 2 day Trial , Kennel Club {Emblehope} 25/10/2018

6-1st All Aged Trial, North west Counties {Hifly} 16/11/2018

7-COM All Aged Trial, Dove Valley 04/12/2018

8- 1st All Aged Trial , Midland Gundog Society, {Packington} 11/12/18

9-2nd Open 2 day trial North of Scotland Gundog Association 10/10/2019

10- 2nd Open 2 day trial Lothian & Borders Gundog Association {Drummond} 22/10/2019

11-2nd Open 2 day trial, Dukeries Notts Gundog Club 01/11/2019

12- Qualified 2019 IGL Championships at Glenalmond

13- 3rd Open 2 day trial Kennel Club {emblehope} 02/10/21

14-2nd Open 1 day Grampian Gundog Club, {Tulchan} 04/10/2021

15-COM Open 2 day North of Scotland Gundog Association 07/10/2021

16- 3rd Open 2 day trial Scottish Field Trial Association {emblehope} 09/10/2021

17-COM Open 2 day trial Yorkshire retriever Field Trials Society {abbeystead} 05/11/2021

18-3rd Open 1 day trial Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria {Emblehope} 06/11/2021

19-1st Open 2 day trial Tyne tees Tweed Field trials Association 09/11/2021

20-3rd Open 2 day trial Cambridgeshire Field Trials Society {Ampton} 16/11/2021

21-Qualified 2021 IGL Championships 2021 at Ampton

22-1st Walked up test Lancs and Mersey Field Trials Society {wolfenhall} 08/04/2018

23-4th Static Working test United retriever Club 17/06/2018

24-1st Static Working Test 3 Ridings Lab Club {Rosedale} 24/03/2019

25- 1st Walked up Working Test Burns & Becks Gundog Club 21/07/2019

26- Top Dog Scottish Interclub Working Test {Glenalmond} 02/06/2022

27- 2nd Walked up working Test John Lupton Charity Test 02/05/2022

28 2nd Scottish Game Fair Open Static Working Test 02/07/2022

29-1st Three Ridings Labrador Club 2 day stake at Emblehope 23/24th September 2022 making her into a FTCH

30- Qualified for the 2022 IGL Championship at Holcombe

31-2nd Midland Counties Field Trials Society 2 day stake Ampton 16/11/22

32 -2nd Cherwood Christmas Challenge 2022 invitation 2 day Trial at Packington       15/12/22

33- 2nd West Midland Field Trials 2 day open {Steen} 27/1/23 gaining a B Qualification for the 2023 Championships

FTCH Gunnerspeg Apollo

1st Novice Trial Three Ridings lab club {Thimbleby}29/10/2020 {His 2nd Trial}

1st Open 2 day trial Dukeries Notts Gundog Club {Checkley} 19/10/2021

{His 1st 2 day open}

Qualified 2021 IGL Championships Ampton

1st Open 2 day trial West Midland Field trials Society {steen} 28/01/2022

COM Open 2 day trial Tyne Tees Tweed Field Trial Society {Borders} 09/11/21

4th Open 2 day Trial Cherwood Challenge, Packington 12/12/2021

1st Yorkshire Golden Retriever All Aged Stake Hi Fly 01-11-22, he was also awarded Guns Choice

3rd Cherwood Christmas Challenge  Invitation only 2 day trial at Packington 15/12/2022

Qualified 2022 IGL Championships, Holcombe

3rd-West Midland Field Trials Society 2 day open stake {Steen} 27/1/23

2nd Novice Static test 3 Ridings Labrador Club 4/10/2020

3rd Walked up test 3 ridings Labrador Club 22/08/2021

Selected to Run for the English International Gundog team for the 2023 Season

Team was awarded 3rd Place at the Cowdray Gundog Challenge from 16 Teams 29/04/2023

1st Placed team at his first International event,

The Skinners World Cup at Englefield 13/14th May 2023  {England-Winning Team}

1st Place winning Team Scottish Interclub Working test out of 15 teams{Grampian Gundog Club} at Glenalmond Perthshire Scotland 28/5/2023

Awarded TOP DOG  at The Scottish Interclub working tests at Glenalmond Scotland 28/5/2023 12 months after his moher FTCH Drakeshead casey was awarded top dog at the same event.

3rd  Yorkshire Retriever Field Trials Society 24 dog retriever 2 day open stake Bolton Abbey 14th-15th August 2023

1st Three Ridings Labrador Club Open Walked up working test on Field Trial Lines  20/08/2023

Northwest Labrador Retriever club Team awarded 3rd Place for The Chatsworth Country Fair Interclub Test 2nd/3rd September 2023

England Team awarded 2nd Place at The Welsh Game Fair international Test 9th/10th September 2023

1st Place  Coventry & District Gundog Society 2 Day stake 13th/14th September 2023

Qualified IGL Championship 2023

Gunnerspeg Astrid {Mist}

COM Novice Trial Gamekeepers Gundog Club {scotland} 06/09/2021

1st Novice Trial West Midland Field Trials Society {shropshire} 21/09/2021

Drakeshead Diva of Gunnerspeg

1st Novice Trial Southwest Scotland Field Trial Society {Drumlanrig} 20/09/2019

1st & Best Handler All Aged Trial Northumberland & Durham Lab Club {Egglestone Fell} 24/10/2019

2nd Novice Working test, United retriever Club, 19/05/19

1st Static Test 4 way club Match {lupton} 02/05/2019

Finefields Goose

2nd Dove valley Novice trial 4/10/22, Also awarded best yellow dog in the trial.

COM - Northwest Counties Field trial Society 14/10/22

1st- Three Ridings Novice Trial, Wentworth, Rotherham 05/11/22

Gunnerspeg Drummer

1St Northern Golden Retriever AV novice stake at Wentworth, Rotherham 13/12/2022 

3rd Three Ridings Labrador Club Open Walked Up Working test on Field trial Lines.  20/08/2023

Drakeshead Eddie {Handled on Behalf of Sandra & John Halstead}

COM Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club , {Wentworth} Nov 2019

Drakeshead Flycatcher {Handled on Behalf of Sandra & John Halstead}

1st Novice Trial 3 Ridings Labrador Club {Thimbleby} 05/10/2021}

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