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Golden Dog

 “It’s not wanting to win that matters — everyone wants to win.

It’s the will to go out and prepare to win that matters.”

FTCH Gunnerspeg Apollo

1st Novice Trial Three Ridings lab club {Thimbleby}29/10/2020 {His 2nd Trial}

1st Open 2 day trial Dukeries Notts Gundog Club {Checkley} 19/10/2021

{His 1st 2 day open}

Qualified 2021 IGL Championships Ampton

1st Open 2 day trial West Midland Field trials Society {steen} 28/01/2022

COM Open 2 day trial Tyne Tees Tweed Field Trial Society {Borders} 09/11/21

4th Open 2 day Trial Cherwood Challenge, Packington 12/12/2021

1st Yorkshire Golden Retriever All Aged Stake Hi Fly 01-11-22, he was also awarded Guns Choice

3rd Cherwood Christmas Challenge  Invitation only 2 day trial at Packington 15/12/2022

Qualified 2022 IGL Championships, Holcombe

3rd-West Midland Field Trials Society 2 day open stake {Steen} 27/1/23

2nd Novice Static test 3 Ridings Labrador Club 4/10/2020

3rd Walked up test 3 ridings Labrador Club 22/08/2021

Selected to Run for the English International Gundog team for the 2023 Season

Team was awarded 3rd Place at the Cowdray Gundog Challenge from 16 Teams 29/04/2023

1st Placed team at his first International event,

The Skinners World Cup at Englefield 13/14th May 2023  {England-Winning Team}

1st Place winning Team Scottish Interclub Working test out of 15 teams{Grampian Gundog Club} at Glenalmond Perthshire Scotland 28/5/2023

Awarded TOP DOG  at The Scottish Interclub working tests at Glenalmond Scotland 28/5/2023 12 months after his mother FTCH Drakeshead casey was awarded top dog at the same event.

3rd  Yorkshire Retriever Field Trials Society 24 dog retriever 2 day open stake Bolton Abbey 14th-15th August 2023

1st Three Ridings Labrador Club Open Walked up working test on Field Trial Lines  20/08/2023

Northwest Labrador Retriever club Team awarded 3rd Place for The Chatsworth Country Fair Interclub Test 2nd/3rd September 2023

England Team awarded 2nd Place at The Welsh Game Fair international Test 9th/10th September 2023

1st Place  Coventry & District Gundog Society 2 Day stake 13th/14th September 2023

Qualified IGL Championship 2023

Diploma of Merit at The 2023 IGL Championship at Drumlanrig and Queensbury estate, Scotland

Gunnerspeg Drummer

1St Northern Golden Retriever AV novice stake at Wentworth, Rotherham 13/12/2022 

1St Labrador retriever club All Aged stake at Checkley 10/10/2023

1st Tay Valley 2 day open stake at Auchterarder 19/20/10/23

3rd Three Ridings Labrador Club Open Walked Up Working test on Field trial Lines.  20/08/2023

Qualified for the 2023 IGL Championship

Gunnerspeg Astrid {Mist}

COM Novice Trial Gamekeepers Gundog Club {scotland} 06/09/2021

1st Novice Trial West Midland Field Trials Society {shropshire} 21/09/2021

FTCH Drakeshead Casey {Ghillie}

1-COM Walked up Test , 3 ridings Labrador Club 09/07/2017

2-COM Novice Trial Northumberland and Durham Lab Club {Ford & Etal}11/10/2017

3-1st Novice Trial Northwest Labrador Retriever Club {Chatsworth} 02/11/2017

4-2nd Open 1 day Trial Lancs and Mersey Field Trial Society {Wolfenhall} 23/10/2018

5-4th Open 2 day Trial , Kennel Club {Emblehope} 25/10/2018

6-1st All Aged Trial, North west Counties {Hifly} 16/11/2018

7-COM All Aged Trial, Dove Valley 04/12/2018

8- 1st All Aged Trial , Midland Gundog Society, {Packington} 11/12/18

9-2nd Open 2 day trial North of Scotland Gundog Association 10/10/2019

10- 2nd Open 2 day trial Lothian & Borders Gundog Association {Drummond} 22/10/2019

11-2nd Open 2 day trial, Dukeries Notts Gundog Club 01/11/2019

12- Qualified 2019 IGL Championships at Glenalmond

13- 3rd Open 2 day trial Kennel Club {emblehope} 02/10/21

14-2nd Open 1 day Grampian Gundog Club, {Tulchan} 04/10/2021

15-COM Open 2 day North of Scotland Gundog Association 07/10/2021

16- 3rd Open 2 day trial Scottish Field Trial Association {emblehope} 09/10/2021

17-COM Open 2 day trial Yorkshire retriever Field Trials Society {abbeystead} 05/11/2021

18-3rd Open 1 day trial Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria {Emblehope} 06/11/2021

19-1st Open 2 day trial Tyne tees Tweed Field trials Association 09/11/2021

20-3rd Open 2 day trial Cambridgeshire Field Trials Society {Ampton} 16/11/2021

21-Qualified 2021 IGL Championships 2021 at Ampton

22-1st Walked up test Lancs and Mersey Field Trials Society {wolfenhall} 08/04/2018

23-4th Static Working test United retriever Club 17/06/2018

24-1st Static Working Test 3 Ridings Lab Club {Rosedale} 24/03/2019

25- 1st Walked up Working Test Burns & Becks Gundog Club 21/07/2019

26- Top Dog Scottish Interclub Working Test {Glenalmond} 02/06/2022

27- 2nd Walked up working Test John Lupton Charity Test 02/05/2022

28 2nd Scottish Game Fair Open Static Working Test 02/07/2022

29-1st Three Ridings Labrador Club 2 day stake at Emblehope 23/24th September 2022 making her into a FTCH

30- Qualified for the 2022 IGL Championship at Holcombe

31-2nd Midland Counties Field Trials Society 2 day stake Ampton 16/11/22

32 -2nd Cherwood Christmas Challenge 2022 invitation 2 day Trial at Packington       15/12/22

33- 2nd West Midland Field Trials 2 day open {Steen} 27/1/23 gaining a B Qualification for the 2023 Championships

34- 2nd Golden retriever Club of Northumbria 2 day open {Bellingham} 2nd&3rd October 2023  Gaining a B Qualification for the 2023 Championships

Drakeshead Diva of Gunnerspeg

1st Novice Trial Southwest Scotland Field Trial Society {Drumlanrig} 20/09/2019

1st & Best Handler All Aged Trial Northumberland & Durham Lab Club {Egglestone Fell} 24/10/2019

2nd Novice Working test, United retriever Club, 19/05/19

1st Static Test 4 way club Match {lupton} 02/05/2019

Drakeshead Eddie {Handled on Behalf of Sandra & John Halstead}

COM Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club , {Wentworth} Nov 2019

Drakeshead Flycatcher {Handled on Behalf of Sandra & John Halstead}

1st Novice Trial 3 Ridings Labrador Club {Thimbleby} 05/10/2021}

Finefields Goose

2nd Dove valley Novice trial 4/10/22, Also awarded best yellow dog in the trial.

COM - Northwest Counties Field trial Society 14/10/22

1st- Three Ridings Novice Trial, Wentworth, Rotherham 05/11/22

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