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Apollo has been an absolute delight to train, he is really willing and biddable, he is very eager to please whilst still having plenty of drive and style.

He won his 2nd novice trial at only 18 months old.

In his first season in opens, He won the first 2 day open trial that he ran in, whilst being placed in 4 of the 6 open trials he has competed in, winning the last 2 day open trial of the 2021/22 season, making him into a Field Trial Champion and Qualifying him for the 2022 International Gundog League Championships. 

He has recently been selected to Run at International events for the England Gundog Team in 2023 

Simon & Apollo were proud to be part of the  Winning Team of The Skinners World Cup 2023 at Englefield for England

Apollo was awarded 'Top Dog' at the Scottish Interclub Working test on the 28th May 2023.

Qualified IGL Championships 2023 by winning the Coventry & District 2 day Open Stake 13/14th September 2023

Apollo was awarded a Diploma of Merit at the 2023 International Gundog League Championships held on the Drumlanrig Estate on Scotland.

His progeny are showing to be just as biddable and level headed as Apollo.

His progeny's hip and elbow scores are starting to come through the system,  he has already thrown 1 puppy with 0/0 elbows and 0/0 hips,  all of the other puppies are 0/0 elbows and very low hip scores.

apollo 1.jpg


Apollo is home bred out of FTCH Drakeshead Casey {Ghillie} to Brocklebank Navigator of Chatsworth, he has a fantastic pedigree going back to over 30 championship winners, he is directly related to the first ever championship winner Dungavel Pheobe who was owned by the Duchess of Hamilton

apollo head.jpg


Apollo's Hips have been scored by the BVA as 2/2  his Elbows 0/0 .

He had clear eye tests in both 2020/2021 His most recent eye test on the 15/2/23 was clear

Apollo has been DNA tested by The Wisdom Panel and he is clear of 205 Health Conditions. Such as GPRA EIC SD2 HNPK CNM and many more

He is a carrier of Stargardt

Available for Natural Mating and also fresh and frozen semen.

Contact us for Further details

apollo 3.jpg


apollo pedigree_edited.jpg


Drummer  won his first trial at Wentworth Woodhouse in Mid December at only 18 months old.

He  also won his 2nd trial , The Labrador Retriever Club All Aged Stake at Checkley at 27 months old

Drummer won his 2nd 2 day trial {Tay Valley 2 Day} and Qualified for the 2023 Championship

He really has a super pedigree, with many championship winners on Both sides of his pedigree.

He is the Grandson of FTCH Asterix Aguzanis of Chatsworth on his sire line

He is a grandson of FTCH Brocklebank Navigator of Chatsworth and FTCH Drakeshead Casey on his bitch lin.

His Hips have been scored by the BVA at 2/2 and his elbows 0/0

He has a clear eye test February 2023

At Stud to Health Tested Bitches

drummer win 4_edited.jpg


Drummer was a new project for 2022, being the Daughter of FTW Gunnerspeg Astrid {Mist} and Carlabeck Achiever {One of the last sons of Asterix Aguzzanis of Chatsworth} he has an absolutely fantastic pedigree.

To date he has won 3 of the four trials he has entered.

His hips have been scored by the BVA as 2/2 and he has 0/0 elbows

He has been DNA tested by The Wisdom Panel which showed he is totally clear of 206 Health Conditions

he had a clear eye test in February 2023

drummer win 2.jpg


Gunnerspeg Gambler  is out of  FTCH Drakeshead Casey {Ghillie}, he is sired by FTCH Brocklebank Boorbon of Ravencourt  {Barney} who is a strong handsome yellow dog.

He is a strong well bones Athletic dog who picks up his tasks with ease just like his Dam.

He has a tremendous drive, he loves his tasks, he is a very exciting prospect.

Currently a Gangley teenager , we feel he has the ability to excell in the field

He has been DNA tested clear of Stargards, he is hereditary clear SD2, PRA and CNM 

He has had his hips scored by the BVA as 2/2 and his elbows 0/0



Gunnerspeg Drummer,  a super pedigree

drummer pedigree.jpg


These are two black male puppies from this years litters,  Gunnerspeg Halstead is out of FTCH Drakeshead casey to FTCH Etomanni Missouri and is named in honour of my Aunt & Uncle John & Sandra Halstead.

Gunnerspeg Indiana is out of ftw Gunnerspeg Astrid to FTW Drakeshead Flycatcher who i have used again,  this litter is a repeat mating as i have gone back to flycatcher to double up on the drakeshead bitch line which is the foundation of my kennels

gunnerspeg fern.jpg


Drakeshead Invincible of Gunnerspeg {Vinny} is out of Drakeshead Emelia x OFTW Gunnerspeg Drummer, he is a lovely looking black dog, he is still very much a puppy and has recently started his training, he is only 10 months old, we are looking forward to watching him progress through his training.

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